MSc CS Artem Chirkin


PhD Research Summary


Artem Chirkin has graduated a double-degree programme in Computational Science at University of Amsterdam and ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg before coming to ETH. His MSc research project aimed at forecasting the execution time of complex scientific applications in heterogeneous environment using Machine Learning and Statistics methods.

PhD Research topic: Interactive machine learning approach to generative urban design.

Artem Chirkin aims at developing a Machine Learning algorithm to support designers by suggesting a set of optimal solutions during an urban district design process. Together with colleagues under the scope of ADvISE project he develops a set of quantitative design criteria using known research results on the implications of design decisions. Some criteria are easily quantifiable, others require using statistical and machine learning methods for estimations based on design proposals. Analysis of the interdependencies between the criteria might reveal the influence of some design aspects on the social context of an urban area. His data sources are designs (e.g. geometry), designers working on given case studies, and students of MOOCs in urban design.

Software prototype under development:

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