FS2012 | Thesis FOR GARBAGE

Jan - 17 - 2012

Thesis Elective: For Garbage

The Collaborative Course is focused on the environmental problem of the Big Garbage Patch in The Pacific Ocean and the architects contribution to solving dramatically rising amount of plastics in the lifecycle of the planet. The course will go through different phases of discussions, lectures, experiments, design and perhaps fabrication of the masterpieces. It will have a weekly regime and will be held in cooperation with Prag Faculty of Architecture using videoconference and multitouch screens of the Value Lab.

The elective course on behalf of Thesis Elective with the topic FOR GARABAGE is focused on collaboration between students from different countries over distance using all the equipment of the Value Lab. From holding presentations and having discussions with Prague students we will go over to development of designs including the initial part of the design process: sketching. We will use the bright new application exclusively developed only for this purpose. The topic of garbage is a very painfull problem in all countries an we will try to find out the possible contribution of Architects. We will analyze the problem, discuss the solutions and design, vizualize and fabricate the visual outputs. We shall end up with an Exposition.


Time + Place:
Mo, 13.45 - 17.45, HIT ValueLab/Meetingroom iA H31

Katerina Novakova (Novakova@arch.ethz.ch)
Henri Achten (Achten@fa.cvut.cz)

Feb - 20 - 2012

1 st lecture 20th February

We post the presentation here for those who missed the first lecture



Tasks for the next lecture 27th February:

1. Photo safari of garbage disposal places

2.Scheme of the journey of [...]

Feb - 20 - 2012

2 nd lecture 27th February


Presenting the results of the research made in pdf via Adobe Connect

Excursion to Herrliberg dumping place and recycle company

Feb - 28 - 2012

2nd session 27th February

The second session went much better than the first one in terms of technology and communication.

Here are the presentations of participants:


Henri - Strategies





korbinian kainz_presentation



Feb - 28 - 2012

3rd session 5th March

a) Start in Zurich with an example how  Katerina has been
analysing Zurich and waste collection points. (Katerina)
b) Short presentation of earlier work done in the
experimental studio, in particular what [...]

Mar - 05 - 2012

3rd session

We saw, that we are approaching the strategy how to handle the problematics from the architects point of view. All the Zuri students handed in their vision of architects input, [...]

Mar - 05 - 2012

4th session 12.3.2012

1. The Prague side will present the knowledge they gained at Veronika Richterová, the artist

2. We will continue with the strategy development

3. We will try to set up the collaborating [...]

Mar - 27 - 2012

4th session results

We have seen all the presentation of the artists work, the main insights are: 

The objects are not stable enough, they are hanging from support constructions. There is no [...]

Mar - 27 - 2012

5th session 26.3.2012

Louis Palmer presentation of Zurifascht program: building a PET bottle tower.

Presentation of the recycling centrum excursion

collaboration using the tables

Mar - 27 - 2012

5th session results

Garbage recycling centrum presentation


Louis Palmer presentation of the task:



 generally there are these conditions:

Tower more than 9 meters (the higher the better)
truck  2 x 2 [...]

Mar - 27 - 2012

6th session 2.4.2012

development of projects using the touchable for communication,

showing the results of visualization trial, 1 picture, numbers, measures

 generally there are these conditions:

Tower more than 9 meters (the higher the better)
truck  2 [...]

Mar - 27 - 2012

6th session 2.4.2012

On monday we had productive session using just Skype and Adobe Connect

These are the files that we produced, they contain many information about dimensions and shapes,

do not hesitate to have [...]

Apr - 04 - 2012

7th session 16th April

Last checkout before the mid-term presentation.

Awaited visitors and critiques at the next meeting 23rd. April are: Prof. Hebel, Louis Palmer, Ing. arch. Tomas Rousek MSc

We will have a look at [...]

Apr - 24 - 2012

8th session 23.4.2012

the cooperation went well with no voice or picture distortion, the picture was in a good quality on Zurich side. 

We had guests

Louis Palmer (PET bottle tower coordinator)

Ing. arch. Tomáš Rousek [...]

Apr - 24 - 2012

9th session 30.4. 2012

work on Zurich side at the institute.

Bring your strings, foil, rope, bottles etc. Lets produce prototypes.


We had external consultation from both: prof. Hebel from Singapour and Ing. Schlesier from Hamburg. [...]

May - 08 - 2012

10th session 7. 5. 2012

We overcame problems with technology and missing people and discussed further steps. Prague side came up with an amazing visualization of lego system, which on the other hand needs to [...]

May - 08 - 2012

11th session 14. 5. 2012

Here we have the final presentations: