Current Projects

Sep - 02 - 2015

Current Research Projects

The members of the iA research team are highly motivated and at various stages of their scientific career. PostDocs, doctoral students and research assistants are committed to their research work for national research projects conducted by organizations such as the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) and mandates from the industry. Internationally, the Chair of Information Architecture is involved in EU research projects and works closely with partner universities from all over the world. Publications appear regularly, leading to participation in international conferences to share knowledge and insights way beyond Switzerland’s borders.

Feb - 23 - 2016


Data analysis for understanding the impact of urban design on social performance of a city (ADvISE)

Urban planning decisions greatly affect the life in cities in many perspectives: the [...]

Nov - 04 - 2014


ESUM - Analysing trade-offs between the energy and social performance of urban morphologies

Urban planning decisions usually have long-term implications that affect both the energy performance, as well as people\'s experience [...]

Aug - 19 - 2013

Computational Planning Synthesis

Computational Planning Synthesis (CPS)

Emerging technologies for future urban planning

When working on urban planning projects there are usually multiple aspects to consider. Often these aspects are contradictory [...]

Feb - 20 - 2008



We are implementing a research lab - the Value Lab, a new collaboration environment for virtual design and planning of architecture. It combines the use of complimentary views [...]