Completed Projects

Sep - 02 - 2015

Completed Research Projects

Aug - 26 - 2013


Integrated and interactive planning system for monitoring, evaluating and designing cities (link to internal post)

The project aims to develop a framework for visualization of urban analysis and planning [...]

Jun - 13 - 2013

Urban Mutations Platform

UMP - Urban Mutations Platform

An interactive platform for the identification of catalysing mutations in city generation, assembly and development

In this project we develop a comprehensive urban [...]

Jun - 13 - 2013

SUA – Climate KIC

Smart Urban Adapt - Helping cities transition to a low carbon future

The city of tomorrow has to use fewer resources and to provide better living qualities. Therefore SMART URBAN [...]

Feb - 28 - 2011

SUPat – NFP65

Sustainable Urban Patterns - A project within the scope of the National Research Programme NRP 65 "New Urban Quality"

Traditional planning methods for urban systems reach their limits, as continuous [...]

Feb - 27 - 2011

KTI – Visual Manager

In this research project, which will last 18 months, we will develop a framework and a related Multi-Touch-Software for the visual management of risks and strategies. The applied research project [...]

Feb - 20 - 2010

KTI – City planning tool

Computer-assisted Interactive Planning of Energy- and CO2-Efficient Cities
This Project is a collaboration between the ETH Zurich and Esri Procedural AG. The goal is to develop a software system that [...]

Feb - 20 - 2008


In cooperative planning it is very challenging to establish a shared understanding among the involved partners. If a group of people develops a visual representation in collaboration, they will [...]

Feb - 20 - 2007


With REPLAY the Multimedia Services of ETH Zurich in cooperation with the Chair for Information Architecture is developing a system for the holistic processing of multimedia [...]