Completed PhD Projects

Sep - 02 - 2015

Completed PhD Projects

Our PhD research themes included, among others, sustainable urban development patterns, the analysis of urban planning processes, the optimization of pedestrian movement, the impact of future city developments on the climate and mobile crowdsourcing and the acquisition and analyses of residents\' activities in urban environments.

Sep - 02 - 2011

3D Change Detection in an Urban Environment

Rongjun Qin

Jun - 14 - 2011

Crowdsourcing Urban Sensing: Mobile phone for urban data collection

Dongyoun Shin

This crowdsoursing urban simulation platform proposed a framework that employs widespread smart phones to compute urban sustainability values. The phone\'s acceleration and location data was used to deduce the [...]

Sep - 02 - 2010


Chen Zhong

Jun - 02 - 2010

Urban Planning Techniques to Improve Public Health

Gideon Aschwanden